About Us

A small team of two who are passionate for what they are doing.

AEON Games

Péter Hugyecz (3d Artist), András Molnár (Programmer)

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We are two guys who love making video games and are located in Hungary. The idea of our first game, Project Road Rage came up in early 2012. As both of us like cars, we focused on developing realistic vehicle physics, drivetrain and car control for true car enthusiasts. Since we worked on our first game in our free time, and we were new to game development, it took about 2 years to finish Project Road Rage.

Our second car game was released in late 2015 and the main focus was on huge, explorable areas beside the powerful supercars that players can drive in the game. While developing these two games we were working and experimenting on smaller games too. A few of them had been released for free. We also developed a truck driving simulator demo project for PC.

We hope that you like our games. If you do so, we would like to ask a couple of things from you. First of all, if you have friends who you think might be interested in our games, please tell them, and share the games through social media networks. Second, we really like constructive feedback on our games as it helps us to improve them and it also motivates us, so if you wish, and your time allows it, please rate and review our games honestly on the App Store and / or on the Play Store. With Your help, we think, we can push these games and make them go very, very far. Thank you!

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar