SDS Update 1.3 SITREP

We are getting really close to finalize the update for Supercar Driving Simulator. The update should become ready to be released at any moment now. The following two videos are showcasing the content that can be found in the game after the update arrives. In the second video you can see the most powerful car in the game. Of course, the traction control was enabled while making that video :)


SDS - New vehicles and car selection

In the last Supercar Driving Simulator we added tons of new maps where you can drive, so next, we are going to add a lot of new vehicles. We also decided to redesign the car selection. Currently you have to go through each car until you find the one you want to unlock or to drive which isn't suitable when there are lots of cars to choose from.

With the new car selection, you will be able to choose a car much easier and faster than previously as you will be able to see all of the cars available in the game at once. You will be able to to filter the vehicles in different ways for example filtering by the cars that you own, or the cars you don't own.

A new vehicle group will also be introduced in the game among the three tiers that already separate the cars.

Last, but not least, the update will contain a brand new game mode which will hopefully provide you enough fun for many hours in your free time.

Supercar Driving Simulator 1.2

We are proud to announce that one of our biggest update that is made for Supercar Driving Simulator is available to download, so get it free on the App Store and on the Google Play Store!

What's new in this update:

  • Gift drift car for everyone!
  • 4 game modes:
    • Free ride
    • Trial of Time - 270 unique challenges
    • Drift - 288 unique challenges
    • Bonus races - 270 additional challenges
  • 16 new race tracks
  • 3 new cars
  • Graphics optimizations
  • New vehicle camera
  • New garage camera
  • Car tier system
  • Tons of little improvements to make the driving experience more fun

New cameras for SDS

We have been working on improving our cameras in Supercar Driving Simulator, and decided to replace both cameras (the one that is used while selecting your car, and the other one that is following the car while driving). Each of them has new features and move much smoother, but take a look at the following video showcasing the new car camera while driving.

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar