The Chicken

Do you like having pets? In Feed The Chicken, you can own crazy animals, and you need to take good care of them. They become hungry easily so you need to feed them as fast as possible, but be cautious not to blow their heads off with an unfortunate bomb.


  • Crazy pets: You can unlock different animals in the game using golden eggs that you can collect in the game, but be aware, all of those pets are somehow descendants of the first chicken of the universe.
  • Easy to learn: All you need to do in the game is swiping to the left or tapping the screen, but you need to do these fast, very fast. When a bomb shows up just simply swipe it away, when seeds or golden eggs show up, you should tap, but never ever tap when the bomb is at the first place.
  • Challenging gameplay: Speed is very important in this game as your pets become hungry fast which means you have to feed them with seeds fast too. You have a queue of items which you should focus on, whether the first item is a seed, a golden egg, or a bomb. Only seeds will decrease the hunger of the pet, so you need to burst through the queue to keep your animal fed, to collect golden eggs, to drop bomb, and finally to score point.
  • Leaderboard: The game is connected to a GameCenter and a Google Play leaderboard, and can be used to compete with other players. You can beat your and your friends' highscores.
  • Achievement system: As you progress in the game, you can unlock different achievements in GameCenter and Google Play.
  • Cartoon style: Everything in this game is hand painted in cartoon style to make it memorable and fun.


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Feed The Chicken Feed The Chicken Feed The Chicken Feed The Chicken Feed The Chicken

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar