Road Rage

Project Road Rage is a post-apocalyptic racing game, set in a gorgeously ruined world in which you can get unique vehicles that you have to upgrade in different ways to be able to beat your opponents in racing and demolition challenges or to be competitive when doing supply runs.


  • Unique and realistic physics: We focused on developing realistic car control and physics, while keeping the driving experience enjoyable and fun, but that doesn't mean you can drive through whole areas without releasing the gas pedal or not using the brake. The speed should be chosen wisely, since you cannot take every turn at high speed and you can find yourself sliding off the road easily.
  • Vehicle upgrades: You can upgrades different parts of each cars like tyres, engine, turbo and/or supercharge, suspenion, weight, armor and professional upgrade including 4WD. Each upgrade has 3 levels except the proffessional upgrade and they should be chosen wisely since powerful upgrades can make the vehicles hard to handle especially if the tyres are not upgraded. But don't worry, the traction control will help if you allow it.
  • Switch-able traction control: A built-in traction control will give you a helping hand to control even the most powerful cars in the game. If you are confident enough, you can turn it off any time you wish to and see how differently the cars will behave on the roads without traction control.
  • 24 unique vehicles: Each car has unique characteristics, handling and behave differently. You can find rear-wheel, front-wheel, and all-wheel drive, naturally aspirated, turbo- and/or supercharged vehicles which can be upgraded. Three bonus cars can be won in the game that are fully upgraded by default. Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage
  • Car paints: You can choose a variety of car paints to change the look and feel of your vehicles to fit your style. Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage
  • 5 game modes, 66 challenges: You have to prove your skills in racing, demolition and supply runs to become the legend of the collapsed civilization. You can hone your skills in free-ride, and random challanges will keep up the fun after completing the game.
  • Double bonus time: In every 12 hours, you can double the price you can get for winning the next race when the bonus is available.
  • Cool rock tracks to listen to: A bunch of great tracks composed by TeknoAXE will help you to set the mood while racing, especially if you like rock music.
  • Car damage: Your car will deform each time you collide with objects and will lose from its condition.


Download Press Kit for high resolution images.

Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage Project Road Rage

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar