Smashtastic is a one-touch, endless arcade game about smashing objects that fall from above. Timing plays a key role in this game as the goal is to prevent the falling objects hitting the ground in one piece using your wrecking ball that you control horizontally.


  • Easy to learn: You need to use only one touch to control the wrecking object, all you need to focus is timing. Your ball will rest on left or the right side, by touching the screen anywhere you wish, the ball will go to the other side. When the ball hits an object, the ball will turn back unless you touch the screen again by the time it hits something to make it move straight forward. That's it.
  • Hard to master: The objects fall at different speed, and there are objects that fall beside each other, so you need to figure out how and when to take them out, and on which side you should rest your wrecking object. Timing is the key to achive the highest score in the game.
  • Challenging gameplay: As you progress in the game and gaining more score by preventing objects to hit the ground, the spawning time of the falling objects decreases so the longer you survive the more objects you will need to get rid of.
  • Leaderboard: The game is connected to a GameCenter and a Google Play leaderboard, and can be used to compete with other players. You can beat your and your friends' highscores.
  • Achievement system: As you progress in the game, you can unlock different achievements in GameCenter and Google Play.


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Smashtastic Smashtastic Smashtastic Smashtastic

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar