Switch Lane is an endless arcade game in which you need to push your dodging skills to the limit to avoid collision with barriers while everything turns around when you move and the speed of the game accelerates as you progress further.


  • Easy to learn: The gameplay is simple, you control your sphere and you need to move it to the left or to the right depending on how you can avoid the barriers. The first stage you need to get through is always the same to help you to get the hang of dodging and turning around.
  • Clean design: We focused on creating a minimalist game with few colors and simple objects that can help you to have a good time while playing, and you only need to focus on a few things: your ball and the barriers that are in the front of it.
  • Challenging gameplay: As you progress in the game and gaining more and more point by avoiding obstacles, your speed becomes faster and faster giving you less time to decide in which way you should avoid the next barrier.
  • Never the same: While the first stage of the game is always the same to get the pace, the next stages are always different and procedurally generated to make the gameplay challenging.
  • Leaderboard: The game is connected to a GameCenter and a Google Play leaderboard, and can be used to compete with other players. You can beat your and your friends' highscores.


Download Press Kit for high resolution images.

Switch Lane Switch Lane

AEON Games
Peter Hugyecz, Andras Molnar